Restorative Work That Dares To Care About Your Smile

Restorative dental work is necessary when you suffer tooth decay – unfortunately, our teeth cannot simply repair themselves. By using a ceramic dental crown, your dentist can ensure that your smile still looks the way it did before your cavity, even with the presence of a restoration over a tooth. Ceramic crowns are popular with patients because they can mimic the appearance of teeth, and still hold up to the necessary demands placed on them when you bite and chew. Because your dentist has CEREC technology on hand to produce your crown, you can enjoy the benefit of a life-like crown that only takes a single visit to construct and place.

Your CEREC Crown Can Protect A Tooth Without Upsetting Your Smile

CEREC technology allows your dentist to input the needed measurements for your crown, design it, and have it made in their office. This offers real convenience for you, as you will have the protection you need for a vulnerable tooth in less time. You can also enjoy the benefit of a better-looking smile, as your crown will be made from ceramic, which can imitate a natural tooth well enough to fit in with your smile.

Better Preventive Care Can Help You Avoid Future Dental Crowns

Even the best dental restoration is less ideal than simply avoiding the need for restorative dental work altogether. While a significant number of people will suffer at least one cavity over their adult years, you can limit your risk through smart at-home care, limiting sugar in your diet, and seeing your dentist for regular checkups.

Enjoy Restorative Work That Keeps Your Smile Looking Good

Restorative dental work is necessary if you have a cavity, but it does not have to leave your smile permanently altered. The team at Advanced Dental Concepts can use materials that look enough like your natural teeth to make sure your smile still looks great, even after having a dental crown or dental filling placed. To arrange an initial consultation with Dr. Okoniewski, call Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820. We are happy to work with you on restoring your smile, or helping you keep it in the best possible shape.