How Important Is Dental Hygiene, Really?

The most common piece of advice you can receive about caring for your smile is to make sure you stick to a routine of good dental hygiene every day. However, it can be easy to forget what constitutes “good” dental hygiene, and what’s merely going through the motions without paying much attention. For example, it’s important to not just brush your teeth every day, but do so at least twice, and pay special attention to cleaning along your gum line. Sticking to good hygiene principles may be more important than you realize, and today, we help you understand why.

It can help you avoid more than you think

Prevention in dental health can have a pretty broad meaning, but in general, it’s the practice of keeping your teeth and oral tissues clean and healthy by avoiding the development of oral health concerns. On a more day-to-day basis, this means avoiding having to deal with the symptoms of such issues, like the development of a chronic toothache. Such symptoms can start off small and minimal, with a slight sensitivity that may be barely noticeable at first. When you notice a toothache, it may mean that a problem (such as tooth decay) has become severe enough to require treatment to address.

It can help you keep existing concerns under control

If you do develop a toothache or other concern, then the underlying condition that causes it can grow worse if it isn’t treated and managed properly. Once your dentist does treat your tooth, keeping the problem from becoming worse and threatening more of your oral health will require consistently good hygiene and preventive care moving forward. Dental restorations can restore compromised teeth, as well as much of your bite function, but their success still relies on maintaining a healthy foundation for it.

It can help you minimize your need for treatment

In addition to helping you maintain your oral health after experiencing a dental health concern, good oral hygiene can also help you minimize your need for treatment when the concern develops. For example, many common oral health issues are progressive and grow worse over time. Part of a diligent hygiene routine includes keeping a close eye on changes to your teeth and oral tissues, and visiting your dentist routinely for professional exams and cleanings. During each visit, we’ll more carefully examine your teeth and oral tissues, improving your chances of detecting and addressing a concern in its earliest stages.

Learn how to improve your dental hygiene

Sticking to a good dental hygiene routine is more important for your long-term oral health than you might realize at first. To learn more, schedule an appointment or initial consultation by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI, today at (248) 852-1820.