Subtle Correction With Invisalign®

A woman's smiling mouth with red lips wearing invisible orthodontic aligners, side viewWe all know that a smile’s appearance can work wonders for one’s self-confidence. After all, a grin is often the first asset one notices about another, so why shouldn’t it be the best it can be? The problem is, however, that a myriad of complications can get in the way of achieving that perfect shine, as well as cause you to feel discouraged about revealing it. In many cases, a concern might go deeper than surface-level and cause functional issues as well as cause infection. In today’s blog, your Auburn Hills, MI dentist takes a look at the impact that alignment has on both your grin’s health and appearance, and how misalignment can be subtly treated with the help of Invisalign®.

The Dangers of an Uneven Bite

Believe it or not, having multiple teeth come in unevenly can cause a lot more issues than just affecting your appearance. In fact, crooked teeth can cause a lack in support as your roots are battling for jaw structure to help you absorb the pressure of your bite. What’s more, uneven development can cause other structures to come in incorrectly for children experiencing natural tooth loss.

Indeed, misalignment and unevenness can lead to health complications as well, which is why we recommend seeking treatment sooner rather than later. Reach out to our team today to learn more about the way your smile is impacted functionally and health-wise.

Health Complications that Can Arise

Another danger that can arise from an uneven bite involves health complications. For instance, crooked teeth may crowd each other and result in slight overlap, both between teeth and gums. When this occurs, even more crevices and angles are created that oral bacteria can hide in and cause havoc. What’s more, cleaning the area can be difficult as well, resulting in poorer hygiene and increased chances of infection. To best address these issues, correcting is in order.

Traditional methods of dental correction often involve the use of bulky metal brackets that are bonded to the front of each tooth and adjusted routinely. While effective, this method proves very noticeable and can even get in the way of enjoying one’s smile. As a solution, our office offers Invisalign® aligners to handle the job discreetly.

Discreet Treatment

Correcting your uneven bite can be made simple and discreet with the help of Invisalign® invisible aligners. These consist of a custom-made guard comprised of clear material to make adjusting your teeth as unnoticeable as possible. After a certain amount of time with one guard, we create a new one that picks up where the last left off to help gradually guide your structures back into place.

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