Do I Really Need a Crown?

Advanced CEREC crownHave you been told that you need a dental crown to restore a damaged tooth? Are you wondering if there are other options to restore it? Get answers to these great questions with your cosmetic dentistry experts in Auburn Hills, MI. In today’s blog, we discuss when a crown is necessary and the benefits of choosing this option over a few other alternatives.

What is the Purpose of a Crown?

A crown is a strong, durable protective covering that is placed over a tooth that has been severely compromised. They can be made of tooth-colored ceramic or other durable material. In our office, we offer same-day crowns with advanced CEREC technology. The custom restoration prevents further breakdown and damage from reaching the vital pulp that supports the life of your tooth. If damage is allowed to spread and the pulp is exposed, a root canal or extraction may become necessary. This is why we offer this valuable service to restore your tooth back to health in one visit.

Should I Just Remove the Tooth?

Some patients learn the cost of a crown and wonder if the tooth should just be pulled. This is never the best option for several reasons. Once a tooth is removed the bone will start to deteriorate. This can lead to changes and damage to the adjacent teeth, like recession and root exposure. The teeth will also begin to shift and drift into the new space causing misalignment, gum disease, and sometimes even pain in the jaw. It is always best to preserve the teeth for long-term health.

Why Can’t I Just Have a Filling?

If a tooth has lost too much structure due to decay or a severe break, a filling will not be strong enough to support and protect the underlying structure. If a filling is placed, there is a good chance that another break will happen either damaging the pulp or breaking below the gums requiring extraction or an implant. To ensure the best long-term health and prevent even more costly restorations, it is better to place a full protective crown.

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