Quiz: Restorations With Dental Crowns

quiz restorations with dental crownsWhen you need restorative dental work, your dentist will work to ensure that you leave with your mouth fully restored. In some cases, treatment for a problem – like a cavity – can leave your tooth too depleted to function effectively. For these situations, your dentist can place a dental crown on the tooth in question. Crowns can fully protect your vulnerable tooth, and are strong enough to be used in routine biting and chewing (meaning you should not feel the need to “protect” it). CEREC technology has made it possible to have your crown in less time, so that you can complete the restorative process sooner. (more…)

Dental Implants Offer A Permanent Response To Tooth Loss

dental implants offer a permanent response to tooth lossIf you want to effectively eliminate the problems caused by tooth loss, your replacement tooth needs to enjoy a firm hold. Responding to tooth loss with a dental implant can provide you with a replacement tooth that is strong enough to act like a regular tooth. However, an implant-supported tooth also offers additional benefits. There are problems with your oral health that stem from having lost your tooth root. A dental prosthetic that only addresses what is happening above your gum line will not solve these problems. The implant can help you avoid issues like deterioration in your jawbone, so that your oral health is better preserved. (more…)

Answering Questions About CEREC Dental Crowns

answering questions about CEREC dental crownsCEREC technology has changed how dental crowns can be produced. Without CEREC, the process of placing a dental crown on a problem tooth would take two visits. Your dentist would have to note your measurements and prepare your tooth to receive a crown, then place a temporary restoration on it. Your measurements would be sent to a dental lab, where the crown would be produced. CEREC eliminates this delay by making it possible for your dentist to produce a crown in-office, and provide it to you in a single visit. A dental crown offers important protection for a tooth that has been through an injury, or received a root canal. Eliminating this second step means being able to more efficiently restore your tooth. (more…)

3 Benefits Of Same-Day Dental Crowns

3 benefits of same-day dental crownsIf you are dealing with something like a painful cavity, or a dental injury, you can understandably be in a hurry to have your tooth restored. Your dentist can offer you a quicker restoration by relying on CEREC technology to produce same-day dental crowns. Historically, a dental crown is produced in a dental laboratory (with measurements provided by your dentist), and can take time to prepare and ship to your dentist’s office. CEREC eliminates this step. Your dentist can take the necessary measurements, have the crown prepared and produced in-office, and place it on your tooth in one appointment. (more…)

Quiz: Tooth Loss And Dental Implants

quiz tooth loss and dental implantsAre you aware of how tooth loss can impact your oral health? For many people, it can be difficult enough to deal with the cosmetic unease created by missing teeth. In addition to the effect on your appearance, this condition can also interfere with your jaw function, leave your neighboring teeth vulnerable, and even cause your jawbone to lose mass. Many patients choose to enjoy a restored oral health by receiving a dental implant. The implant offers permanent support for a replacement tooth, and can help you regain normal jaw function. (more…)

How CEREC Can Make Temporary Dental Crowns Unnecessary

how CEREC can make temporary dental crowns unnecessaryUnder normal circumstances, a patient in need of a dental crown would be provided with a temporary crown until the permanent crown could be developed. This meant spending time depending on a crown that was NOT designed to match your needs, and being less protected. With CEREC, your dentist can bypass this awkward waiting period and produce a dental crown in one visit. This is because the CAD/CAM technology in the office enables your dentist to take measurements of your tooth and have a custom restoration completed during that same appointment. With the aid of this technology, restorative dental work can be completed in less time. (more…)

How Tooth Loss Leaves You At An Oral Health Disadvantage

how tooth loss leaves you at an oral health disadvantageBeing self-conscious about tooth loss can make it harder to smile. It can feel embarrassing, and make you uncomfortable. However, this is not merely a cosmetic worry. When you suffer tooth loss, you face problems with your oral health. Just one tooth is enough to put you at risk for problems like TMJ pains, excess damage to remaining teeth, and even further tooth loss. There are also negative consequences for your jaw. A dental implant can help return your smile to normal, as well as offset these oral health hazards. (more…)

Why A Dental Implant Helps More Than Just Your Smile

why a dental implant helps more than just your smileA dental implant can certainly give you back the smile you had before tooth loss, but there are more than just cosmetic benefits. By receiving a dental implant to support your replacement tooth, you can help better stabilize surrounding teeth, positively affect your jawbone, and put a stop to the ways tooth loss can disrupt your oral health. The implant is a small, biocompatible titanium post that occupies the space of your tooth socket. When your jaw heals after placement, the implant is able to securely hold your replacement tooth so that it can pick up the functions of your regular tooth. (more…)

Restoring A Serious Cavity In One Visit With CEREC

restoring a tooth with a serious cavity in one visit with CERECWhat will it take to bring relief after you have developed a serious cavity? When tooth decay has become painful, it usually means that the problem has infiltrated your pulp, the tooth’s center. This is where its nerves are contained. All cavities great and small will require restorative work from your dentist. The first step will involve your dentist completely removing the infected material, including within your tooth’s pulp. Your tooth will need a dental crown after an involved restoration. When your dentist has CEREC technology, you can have your permanent crown placed on your tooth the day it is treated. This eliminates the period where you are dependent on a temporary crown. (more…)

Problems With Tooth Loss A Dental Implant Can Solve

problems with tooth loss a dental implant can solveFind yourself missing a tooth? As much as the idea of tooth loss can make a person self-conscious about their appearance, it can also be a negative influence on your health. This is because your tooth contributes to your overall oral health. You can suffer more wear and tear on certain teeth because you are working around this absence, and it leaves the teeth around it with less support. The loss of your tooth root can cause problems, too. Without the stimulation of a tooth root, your jawbone may start to deplete. A dental implant has the unique ability to restore not just the function of a tooth, but also the tooth root. (more…)